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We Believe In Truth

God is true and God has revealed himself in two unique ways: God is revealed in Jesus who entered our world and lived and died and lives again; God is revealed in his written Word, the Bible. Therefore, we will seek to know the truth, live the truth, and speak the truth.  Our community of faith exists to share the truth of God's love for all people.


We Believe In Worship

God exists beyond the confines of this world, but is always present with us.  As the Creator, God has brought into existence all that is. God has created us. God has redeemed us. God loves us.  God is both awesome and mysterious.  In worship we proclaim the reality of God. In worship we praise God.  In worship we give to God thanks.  In worship we meet God.  In worship God renews us for the living of life. Worship is the heart of our community of faith.


We Believe In Community

God exists in a perfect community of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God has created us to also live in community with each other. Our community is nurtured and strengthened through loving relationships, generous giving, inspiring worship, nurturing the spirit, and gracious invitations to be a part of what God is doing in our midst. Our greatest witness for God is our love for one another.


We Believe In Service

God is a sending God. Jesus said, Go into all the world. God sends the people of faith into the world to be vital members of our communities.  All that we do within our four walls prepares us to go outside of them to impact our world with the presence and love of God. We seek to be people that build up our community, help the hurting, improve the quality of life, and make our world more livable. 

  September 2022  
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