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My friend Karen Bahr shared something with me she saw on Facebook.  I don’t know who to credit it to but I think it is definitely worth sharing. 


“As church attendance numbers fade across the nation and online services become very convenient (who doesn't love not getting ready in the morning or leaving the home?!), it's important to  remember why church attendance for you and your family matters so much.

You can't serve from your sofa. You can't have community of faith on your sofa. You can't experience the power of a room full of believers worshipping together on your sofa.

Christians aren't consumers either. We are contributors. We don't watch. We  engage. We give. We sacrifice. We encourage. We do life together.

The church needs you.  And you need the church.

While I'm grateful for technology to keep people connected that can't physically come to a facility or need to be away, it's absolutely not like being in the building. Never will be.

Yes, church on the sofa is nice.  But it'll never be the same as church in the sanctuary.”


No doubt about it, the church is going to look different going forward.  Last Sunday’s worship service had 16 people in attendance and almost 300 views on the church Facebook page.


I think many pastors have this feeling that we have started something and there is no going back.  Many churches that did not broadcast their services   before are doing so now.  Our “attendance” numbers are way up due to our use of Facebook Live.  This is good.  But it also presents a challenge.


What will our church community look like on the road to what lies ahead?  How will we engage being the church?  How will we encourage each other?  How will we do mission together?  These are the types of questions that we will be answering in the new year.  It is scary and exciting all at the same time.


As we end 2020 I want to thank you for being a part of the First Presbyterian Church of Independence.  It has been a challenging year.  But with the support of so many we are doing very well and ready to take on the challenges that a new year brings.


The church needs you.  And you need the church.  Now more than ever.  May God bless us as we journey to what lies ahead.


-John Hougen








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