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Who do you trust?  Gallup annually asks adults to assess the honesty and  ethics of various professions.  Consistently nurses rate the highest at 85%.  (That makes my wife happy.)  Coming in second are engineers and pharmacists.  Clergy find themselves in the middle of the pack with a 40% rating along with psychiatrists and chiropractors.  At rock bottom in the assessment are car salespeople, members of Congress, and Senators.


Who you trust is a function of that person being deserving of your trust.  You can trust your pharmacist, but if they give you the wrong prescription that might make it more difficult to trust.  If you vote for a senator and they play politics instead of seeking the welfare of the people they represent it becomes hard to vote for them again.  When you place your trust in someone, you expect them to be careful with it.  You want to have confidence in the people you trust.


In the Presbyterian Church our leaders are called Elders and they serve on  our Session, which is our church board.  Each year our church Nominating Committee selects people to serve as Elders.  The congregation then votes on them, in essence putting their trust in them to lead our church in ways that serve God and honor the trust put in them.


I can assure you that our current Session is worthy of your trust.  They take their duties seriously.  They explore issues thoroughly.  They trust God to lead and try to listen for God’s voice.  Plus, they are just nice folks.


Our church is closed.  Our leadership team has been talking about when to reopen our church for in person gatherings.  We met via Zoom last Wednesday.  All of us take the COVID-19 virus seriously.  We feel no rush to resume in person gatherings, even though we miss being together.  We also realize that just because we reopen, many people will not return until they are comfortable doing so.


Our Session decided to set July 12 as the tentative, emphasis on tentative, date to resume in person worship.  We understand that some are anxious to get back together.  We also understand that some are anxious about gathering.  When we decide to reopen it will be when we are confident it will be safe to do so.  We cannot eliminate the risk.  We can minimize it.  The Session will be meeting again later in June to finalize July 12 as a reopen date or come up with something else.


Trust is important.  Your Session is working hard to earn and keep yours.


The storm we are in will run out of rain.  Stay safe and make good choices. 


God bless you.


-Pastor John






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