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The best description of 2020 I have heard is dumpster fire.  Which is another way of saying 2020 is a colossal mess.  As I write this it is Wednesday, November 4, the day after election day.  I think it fits the definition.  At this moment we don’t know who the next president will be.
All of us have faced the challenges of 2020.  As a church, I believe we have done a solid job of adapting.  We shut down our in person worship in March and moved immediately to having our worship on Facebook live each Sunday morning.  We have upgraded our computers and video equipment to accommodate this.  We purchased a Zoom membership and now have all of our meetings virtually via the Zoom platform.  We have made extensive use of social media to stay in touch – texting, email, and Facebook.  We have been doing member care via text messaging and phone calls.  We have responded well to the pandemic and continue to have a meaningful presence in the lives of our church family and community.
Beginning on October 25 we restarted in person worship.  Attendance was down, as we anticipated.  Each of you will reengage in person activities as you are comfortable doing so.  We will continue to have live Sunday worship on our Facebook page in addition to our in person worship going forward.  Keeping you connected to FPC is a huge priority for us.
One thing that has been affected is giving.  Our giving has been down.  It’s not a crisis, but it is a concern.  You will shortly receive your giving       statement for 2020 so far.  We’ve had a few folks wondering where they are at with their church giving this year.  In the next week or so you will also receive your 2021 Estimate of Giving.  This is your annual opportunity to determine how you would like to support FPC in the coming year.
I want to highlight how you can give to FPC.
1) You can mail or bring a check to the church.
2) You can set up Electronic Fund  Giving.  A set amount of money will move from your bank account to the church’s account on a schedule that you set up.  Fast and easy.  Contact the office if you would like to do this.
3) You can make an online gift.  We have set this up through PayPal and a link is available on our church webpage.
We are navigating the choppy waters of 2020 with skill and energy.   We are embracing new ideas and ways of doing things.  We have risen to the  occasion and will enter 2021 in great shape.  We need your continued generosity to ensure this continues and grows.  We are alive and well.  We can do, and will do, better and more.  Your partnership propels us forward!
2020 has been a year to reveal our strengths and where we need to grow.  We will exit this year a better church than when we entered it.  Thanks for being a part of all that God is doing in and through FPC!
- Pastor John







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